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You Become the Winner with Kartal Law Firm

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Kartal Law Firm has a wide range of working networks. Aviation Solicitor Turkey with your problems in a short time there is a solution. The company, which focuses on aircraft finance, aviation and the insurance of all these businesses, is devoted to its sector. Aviation Lawyers Turkey set up a professional team about turkey. Aviation Law, the events in Turkey and worldwide listed below have demonstrated superior achievement.

Who is Ali Kartal?

Ali Kartal has graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law with a degree. After graduation, he completed his internship at Aybay Law Office. In 1987, he received his law application license in Istanbul. Ali Kartal, who got his license, started to work in Pekin Law Office as his first job. Here, he gained experience in the banking sector and financial services. Ali Kartal, in 1989 IBM began working as in-house consultants in Turkey. Kartal, who discovered the love of aviation and airplane during his study, went to America in 1994 and got commercial pilot certificate.

In 1994, he returned to Aybay Hukuk Bürosu, where he completed his internship. Aybay Law Office, which is an expert in insurance and transportation issues, gave Ali Kartal a partnership between 2002 and 2016. In 2016, Aybay Law Office was disbanded.

Ali Kartal ‘s mother, who came from a family of lawyers, was a member of Turkish Airlines until the 1970s. Families of Turkish Airlines personnel were able to fly for free at home and abroad. Vicker Viscounts, B 727s, DC-9s and Fokker F 27s were the most popular ones at that time. Kartal, who has a different interest in the airplanes because of his mother, found himself in aviation business while working as a lawyer. With his commercial pilot license, he turned his attention to aircraft. Ali competent Eagle Aircraft accidents and work in this kind of work, and Turkey is one of the known names in the world.

Kartal Law Firm

Ali Kartal, who was a partner in Aybay Law Office until 2016 and ended with the distribution of the law firm, soon established his own law firm. Ali Kartal attorney or witnessed many cases until his graduation by founding his own company. These works;

  • Spain Airlines SPANAIR 5022 flight in 2005,
  • Flight Aeroflot B737 Perm in 2008,
  • Atlantic Ocean flights with French Airlines Air France 447 in 2009,
  • Fatal plane crash B 26-100 in Baghdad,
  • Atatürk Airport (Istanbul) Death plane crash with Beech King Air B350,
  • fines arising from disputes in slot allocation,
  • Numerous disputes between the aircraft team, passengers and employers,
  • disputes arising from road charges between airlines and Eurocontrol,
  • The fatal accident of the boom operator of the A340 coded aircraft with the defroster vehicle,
  • Disputes arising from the rental of the helicopter belonging to the fire brigade abroad.

Ali Kartal, a result of events that he witnessed during his tenure as a lawyer or a lawyer in Turkey and has been recognized in the world. Every case added to the experience.

Kartal Law Firm Privacy Policy

If you like to visit Kartal Law Firm for more information or if you want to see your case. In any case, the company never shares your personal information with third parties. Only you and your lawyer know all the information.

Only the company officials see the completed forms on the web site of Kartal Law Firm. If you fill in your phone number or e-mail address in the completed forms, they will give you detailed information about the subject. You can contact the company in case you see appropriate face to face interview. Your personal data is stored in the company for 90 days in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. It is automatically deleted from the system after 90 days.

Working with a team of experts in the field, knows all the laws in detail. They help you whenever you are plaintiff or defendant.

Kartal Law Firm Application Areas

Air accidents, non-fatal accidents, loss and damage in cargo planes, aircraft debts, mortgage in banking transactions, auction and return on aircraft carriers, dry and wet rental, special flight permits, disputes in air transport, sea cargo insurances, problems arising from sea cargos With their expert team, they are able to provide you with solutions in a short time.

Kartal Law Firm Reference Works

Eagle Law Firm, Turkey and sheds light on the world in many important cases. In general, air and insurance, airport ground services, tenant operations, lending operations, sea cargo insurance, shipping, and provide services in areas such as. Some of the important issues they serve are;

  • Turkish Airlines flight B737 Van flight accident in 1994
  • one Turkish Airlines flight B737 in 998
  • Kayin King 200 Ankara flight accident in 1999
  • KamAir B737 Afghanistan flight accident in 2005
  • Spanair MD80 Madrid Barajas flight accident in 2005
  • Fire accident occurred in domestic lines in Esenboğa Airport in 2005
  • Big fire in the international cargo depot at Atatürk Airport in 2006
  • Atlas Jet MD 80 Isparta flight accident in 2007
  • Aeroflot B737 Perm flight accident in 2008
  • Balloon accident in Cappadocia in 2009
  • Air France A330 Atlantic Ocean flight accident in 2009
  • In 2017, My Cargo B747F is a Bishkek flight accident.

In these accidents in the country and around the world, the company served with its expert cargo.

The company’s support includes mechanical delays such as flight delays, lost and damaged passenger suitcases, baggage lost and broken during cargo, damage to aircraft landing gear, FOD for aircraft engines, ground collisions, failures caused by hydraulic systems on board.

Kartal Law Firm Aircraft Related Works

Aircraft registration cancellation, aircraft mortgage, debt defaults, financial leasing operations are carried out by the company perfectly. For the aircraft and aircraft team, the employment of space, material and non-pecuniary damages arising from aircraft crashes, aircraft owners renting aircraft and becoming an intermediary, aircraft registries (mortgages, rent, sales, etc.), aviation industry contracts, establishment of AOCs and advice they work in detail with their expert staff.

For more information and work done, visit Kartal Law Firm’s website at

Insurance and Reinsurance Operations

The company not only does the insurance process, but also doing reinsurance (dual insurance) transactions. Reinsurance is also the insurance transactions of insurance companies. With this insurance, risks are fully insured. There are reinsurance companies in Kartal Law Firm that are specialized in following these works.

Kartal Law Firm Contact

You can contact Kartal Law Firm at home and abroad by calling 0212 293 23 23. Wait for them to help you by filling in the information forms on their site. They return to you with the latest information from your registered mobile phone or e-mail address. Lawyers who are experts in their field help you in a short time.